Version 1.0
Expired domains crawler. Expired domains for you.
It is a simple system to help you keep track of domain registrations. You can know what are the domains that will expire soon.

It also serves as extractor domains based on a primary domain.
  • Check domains for expirations
  • Domains extractor system
  • Recursive crawling
  • Exclude domains/words with .txt file
  • Ready to run on your server
Internet connection.


1. A parent domain is established
2. From this domain, they are seeking more
3. A large list of domains found is generated
4. It begins to check each domain from the list

The domain search will not stop until it is done manually. When the system finishes the primary domain search, start searching in the other domains extracted to further increase the list of domains then their expiration dates will be checked


Version 1.0

Released on July 22th, 2016
  • NEWInitial Release



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